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While some might enjoy working out outside, others may enjoy meditation, and others might enjoy grounding. That’s right — if you have ever heard of grounding (or earthing), you might associate it with taking off your shoes and standing in the grass.

Now, I realize this might sound a bit crazy, but studies show that grounding or earthing can have real improvements to help reap health benefits meant to bring your body peace and serenity.

Grounding truly affects and ultimately, improves how your body manages anxiety, stress, and inflammation. 

So, what can you use to help you out, when you can’t dig your toes in the sand? Check out our review of the best ground therapy mat below.

Earthing – The Oringal Grounding Mat Kit

Overall Rating 8/10
PROS CONS Manufacturer
Verstaile Not good for sleeping Earthing
Packs Well Can move on carpet
Comes with ground tester

Earthing created this mat to improve health conditions associated with stress, anxiety, and inflammation and it does just that, with the exception that it is not meant to be a sleeping mat, it is mainly used for day-to-day activities.

If you have struggled with inflammation, slow recovery, anxiety, or stress, perhaps grounding is the next best option for you. Luckily, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to step outside onto the grass with bare feet, unless you want to, of course!

About the Product

The Original Universal Grounding Mat Kit is used for grounding purposes which allows you to simply plug it into the wall and connect to the Earth from anywhere. 

This ultimate kit comes with everything you need to get grounded — 1 Grounded Universal Mat, 1 Coil Cord, 1 U.S Safety Adapter, and 1 outlet tester, and a free copy of the book, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever! 

This Grounding Mat Kit is made with eco-friendly and non-toxic materials. We’ve used vinyl-free PU resin that’s infused with carbon pigment and TPE closed-cell foam. 

Grounding has proven to improve inflammation, sleep, stiffness and circulation, blood pressure, cortisol, stress, depression, anxiety, and overall mood. Don’t sacrifice your well-being because you can’t make it outside to ground every day. You can use this Grounding Mat Kit while working in your office at work, at home while working out, or during your meditation. Because of its portable cord, you can plug it in anywhere to improve your well-being and health and your convenience!

Our Verdict

Grounding without the mat!

Having explored Earthing’s promises, let’s see if they fit our expectations! 

We noticed results quickly with this kit.

Note it isn’t a sleeping mat.

Expect results and an easy setup process, right away.

What Original Universal Grounding Mat Got Right


We all live busy lives right?

Day-to-day and we often value convenience over hard-work when it comes to our health and well-being.

Don’t sacrifice your health because of this.

Earthing can help solve this problem with the Universal Grounding Mat – It is just that — universal.

You can use it whenever you need it throughout your day.

In the office, standing, or even for short 30 minute bursts when you are doing the dishes.

You can reap the benefits of grounding.


Using the Universal Grounding Mat for thirty minutes a day does provide you with the promised benefits you need. It centers you with the Earth and makes you less prone to stress by lowering your cortisol levels. Grounding is an excellent lifestyle tool!

Reduce inflammation, check!

Reduce Stress, check!

Reduce Anxiety, check!

What’s not to love?

What we Wish they Would Improve On

Probably the biggest downside, as mentioned is the size doesn’t necessarily allow sleeping. This is not really an issue as its primary use is for standing/sitting anyhow. 

Overall Rating


The Universal Grounding Mat Kit by Earthing has many health benefits and can change your life.

Want to improve your lifestyle choices? Apart from mindfulness you should consider this.

The best ground therapy mat kit!

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