Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses on Amazon

Beyond monitoring one’s weight and committing to a training regiment, a true-blooded fitness enthusiast is mindful of how every daily activity contributes to overall health. 

It’s a no brainer that excessive usage of electronic devices (e.g. phones, computers, televisions, etc.) can bring eye complications, but what if we tell you that those seemingly harmless LED and incandescent bulbs over your head can be just as detrimental?

Yup, it’s a bummer that even staying indoors can bring jeopardize your wellness goals. In another article, we discussed in detail what blue light is and its effects on your natural sleeping patterns. Guess what – prolonged exposure to this invisible enemy can even cause diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer!

Don’t fret, you don’t have to live under a rock and avoid any gadget just to be safe. We’re here to explore a quick but powerful fix – blue light blocking glasses.

We have to warn you though. Your instinct might tell you to order one from Amazon, but finding quality blue light blocking glasses that work can be such a nightmare. 

And so allow Bodyweight Heaven to do the heavy labor for you. Read on to discover what sets premium glasses apart from bogus ones, along with a handful of recommended brands that passed our standards.

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    Important Consideration: Are you sure those glasses work?

    Several brands will try to attract you with stylish frames equipped with ergonomic features. But reality check, what matters most is the functionality and power of the product’s lenses. If your purchase isn’t capable of blocking blue light, then it’s nothing but a fashion accessory.

    Let’s have a quick geek talk about the science behind blue light blocking glasses, shall we?

    Light is often differentiated in terms of its wavelength, with blue light ranging from 400 to 495 nanometers and the similarly harmful green light measuring up to 550 nanometers. In order for protective glasses to work, its lens must be powerful enough to completely block such rays.

    Apparently, a lot of listings on Amazon aren’t true to their claims. They don’t really block blue and green light, they just filter it. Meanwhile, some lenses can only block rays measuring less than 550 nanometers. 

    This means that they still leave you exposed to blue and green light, and you’re still at risk of the myriad of health complications they could bring.

    Here are a couple of brands that do not meet the bare minimum, yet still promote their product as blue light blocking glasses:

    • Fit Over – can only block 99.9% of light measuring 280 to 510 nanometers
    • Luminere – claims to “block more blue light than any other computer reading glasses,” but is only effective against 99% to 100% of wavelengths measuring up to 400 nanometers
    • Cloudfield – doesn’t even disclose the specific blocking rate of their glasses and the measurement of light it’s effective against

    Worry not, our top picks only include blue light blocking glasses that actually work and are capable of completely protecting you from up to 550-nanometer wavelengths.

    Our Top Three Recommendations

    BLUblox Sleep+ Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    After months of extensive research about people’s poor sleeping habits, BLUblox developed a product meant to combat the main culprit – blue light. They released the Sleep+ Blue Light Blocking Glasses that feature red-tinted lenses that are clinically-proven effective for protecting its users’ circadian rhythm.


    • Guaranteed could block 100% of blue and green light measuring 400 to 550 nanometers
    • Backed by heavy research, and designed by optics specialists
    • You can choose from multiple frame designs that are wearable and stylish
    • Sleep+ Glasses are available both for adults and for kids
    • Manufactured in Australian labs that follow the strictest quality control standards


    • Some customers wished these could be worn above prescription glasses
    • These premium glasses are at an expensive price point

    Want further proof on how effective BLUblox Smith Sleep+ is? Take it from the Australian National Soccer Team who have used these blue light blocking glasses during the 2018 World Cup to prevent jetlag.

    Uvex Protégé Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Do you want to enjoy high-quality blue light glasses without breaking the bank? Uvex, through its Protégé model, made it possible to protect yourself from 99.8% of blue light at such an affordable price. Its dark orange lenses are backed by the brand’s proprietary Spectrum Control Technology that is proven to reduce eyestrain without compromising screen viewing.


    • Its dark orange lenses and wraparound design can protect you from 99.8% of blue, green, and violet wavelengths, including those from peripheral angles
    • Enhances screen contrast to prevent eye fatigue even when glasses are in use for long periods of time
    • Designed with flexible nose pads to prevent chaffing and slippage
    • Secure and comfortable fit behind the ears, thanks to its soft temple tip pads
    • Made with lightweight materials to support extended wear


    • Reviews suggested improving the lenses’ scratch resistance

    When buying products from Amazon at a low price point, you’d usually get cheap-looking items you could barely use. Consider the Uvex Protégé Blue Light Blocking Glasses as a rare exception – the brand jampacked this model with high performance and ergonomic fittings.

    UVEX Skyper

    Uvex offers another worthy addition to our top picks with its Skyper Blue model – an amazingly affordable blue light blocking glasses that passed our standards. Like the Protégé, this variant’s orange lenses are also powered by the manufacturer’s Spectrum Control Technology. The product is available for purchase individually or in packs of 10.


    • Powerful enough to block 98% of blue light from electronic screens
    • Protection that doesn’t come at the expense of eye focus, lenses are designed to produce sharp contrasts to prevent fatigue
    • Enables multi-angle viewing, thanks to its 3-position inclination system
    • Equipped with a molded nose bridge and cushioned temple tips for a comfortable fit 
    • Lenses are easily replaceable


    • Women customers hope the glasses will be available in more feminine-looking frames

    Even at an affordable price point, Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Glasses does not fall short in delivering overall value for money. Let the near-perfect ratings from over 4,500 buyers be a testament to its sleep enhancement capabilities, lightweight feature, anti-glare properties.

    Honorable Mentions

    FreeMascot Safety Glasses

    A favorite among estheticians and welders, the FreeMascot Safety Glasses feature heavily tinted lenses that can protect its users from green, blue, and infrared lasers. Unlike the usual blue light blocking eyewear, this model is designed to be wearable along with prescription glasses.


    • Meets European standards for laser safety eyewear
    • Effective against wavelengths measuring 190 to 550 nanometers 
    • Highly tinted boasts of a 15% visible light transmittance properties
    • For easier maintenance and storage, it comes with a goggles case and a clean cloth
    • Can be worn on top of prescription glasses


    • It’s originally designed as protective equipment against laser, not as a blue light blocking glasses

    Although FreeMascot specializes in laser safety eyewear, we’ve found that there are customers who turned to their glasses for blocking blue light too. With its powerful lenses and its reasonable pricing, we found it as a worthy addition to our top picks as well.

    Trust Optics Blue Light Blocking Orange Safety Glasses

    The most affordable entry in this buying guide, Trust Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses come in a pack of 12. Its orange-tinted lenses provide complete protection against UV, UVA, and UVB rays and can ward off 98% of blue light from digital screens.


    • Manufactured with lightweight polycarbonate material for comfort even when worn for long hours
    • Compliant with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Z87 eye protection standard and protects users from 98% of blue light emitted by gadgets
    • Impact-resistant, proven to be 10 times stronger than plastic lenses
    • Features a wraparound design to protect your eyes even from peripheral angles
    • Backed by Trust Optic’s 90-day money-back guarantee


    • Customers with larger faces may note that the arms of the glasses don’t seem quite durable enough.

    Trust Optics designed their blue light blocking glasses as a versatile companion for users who are engaged in rigorous outdoor activities. The brand recommends their product as protective equipment for athletes, artists, health practitioners, and industrial workers.

    Final Thoughts

    You have trusted us when investing in superb workout companions, and we hope you take our word for how important it is to protect yourself from the blue and green light. What starts out as an annoying eye discomfort can lead to permanent loss of vision, and hours of tossing and turning in bed at night can be a warning sign for a disrupted circadian rhythm.

    Electronic devices have been inalienable parts of our daily routine, and it would be absolutely crazy to fully abstain from using them. With the right blue light blocking glasses, you’d be able to work in front of digital screens with peace of mind and a sense of security.

    If you also love online shopping outside of Amazon, you might want to check out our review about the best brands of blue light blocking glasses and their websites.