Obviously you are a committed fitness practitioner, so welcome to my review of the best weight vests for calisthenics.

I’ve trialed quite a few different weight vests over the years and these are my 4 favorites.

Feel free to trial and exchange a bunch of different vests that probably won’t work, but if I was you, I’d go with one of the proven ones below, they move with you, not against you and are the best for pushing your limits.

The first listed is my favorite for the reasons listed, including price for a similar level of durability. #2 and #3 are excellent alternatives if looking for a different price point or you are a big MIR fan, but for Women, you will want #4.

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    The Best Calisthenics Weight Vests in 2020

    If you are looking for the best weighted vest for the price, look no further. This excels for men, but it is unisex, and would probably work for most Women. When doing calisthenics or other bodyweight workouts the  Hyper Vest Pro is the perfect option. It has a firm fit and innovative design that allows you to complete a vigorous range of movements comfortably. What’s more, is that the Hyper Vest Pro’s horizontal stretch design allows for full chest contraction and expansion for breathing.


    • A breathable, wicking fabric
    • Generous open side panels that provide comfort
    • Weights are only 1/2″ thick
    • A thin weight vest you can wear under a shirt
    • Pre-loaded with 10LB
    • Max weight capacities: Small – 22LB Medium – 24LB Large – 34LB XL – 48LB


    • Best for performance and cost
    • Even mass distribution of mass over your torso
    • Can be used for sports performance training and weight training


    • A few users have durability issues, I have not, but they have an excellent return policy if need be.

    If not being cost conscious than the  Hyper Vest Elite may be your best choice. I prefer the pro, but this sleek 2.0 version of their original form-fitting weighted vest has been a go-to for many athletes. Its innovative design features and unique fabric hugs the body for a great comfortable fit. On top of that, it has a highly adjustable and reflective orange side lace for added safety on night activities. Moreover, Hyper Vest’s this new design flexes a horizontal plane to keep weights in place during multi-plane movements.


    • Unisex patented design for exceptional comfort
    • Breathable, odor-resistant, wicking Cordura fabric
    • Thin profile allows a full range of motion
    • Open side panels provide superior ventilation
    • Small available in 10LB or 15LB – M, L, and XL available in 10LB or 20LB


    • Comfort and fit
    • Motion Capabilities
    • Breathable


    • Loose elastic side strings which may not tighten adequately

    Here at BWH we are big fans of MIR products. The MIR Short Weighted Vest are an excellent alternative to the HyperWear options above (Especially if you are a MIR fan as well). One nice thing about this vest is that users can not only use it for calisthenics but also for other forms of training, including CrossFit, MMA, and more. Additionally, as a customizable resistance training tool, it includes a mid-chest belt that ensures the tightness of the vest all throughout your routine. Also, the two adjustable straps found on the back of the vest give you the freedom to customize the size, giving the ability for a more contoured fit.


    • Made from heavy-duty 1200D reinforced nylon
    • Double-padded shoulders and mesh ventilation
    • 11″ compact design for maximum mobility and secure fit
    • Iron Weights Included
    • Adjustable Straps
    • Velcro closures for added security


    • Weights can be loaded in front & back for even weight distribution
    • Each MIR Vest also comes with MIR’s loadable weights
    • Includes a hook and loop fastening belt
    • Fully adjustable both in terms of size and weighting


    • Only optimized for the male torso and not fit for female users

    That brings us to the best weight vest option for women. Hands down it is the Hyperwear Hyper Vest FIT. Unlike other X or Y shaped vests that might strain your shoulders or neck, Hyperwear Hyper Vest FIT was designed to provide comfort and maximum in motion. Moreover, the vest is an excellent choice for light intensity activities for women of all ages. Whether you want to improve balance, build bone density, jog, or exercise intensely, Hyperwear Hyper Vest FIT is an excellent choice.


    • Quality soft fabric that stretches for a great fit
    • Reflective elements for safety when exercising in low light
    • Each weight is compact and removable
    • Sized and fitted specifically for women
    • Shoulder padding for comfort


    • One size does not fit all; various sizes available
    • Removable weights to optimize weight
    • Can be worn over clothing discreetly
    • Washable, soft Condura fabric


    • Feels deceptively light (maybe a pro?)
    • Some note durability issues

    Is a weight vest worth it?

    Weight vests help increase the intensity of your workouts when doing any exercises. Calisthenics requires movement, thus you have to weigh this when choosing one for this purpose. Since weight vests are worn on your torso and give you loads add weight, it adds extra resistance to your routine. Thus, weight vests are an excellent and practical way to get shredded and see results faster.

    Can you build muscle with a weight vest?

    Using weight vests during workouts, especially calisthenics, will put your muscles under extra load. As seen in our isotonic/isometric article, loading builds muscle. When your muscles are under more load, this increases your strength and endurance. Loading increases fatigue which will eventually have your body responding by building your muscles and developing thicker, connective tissues. So, yes, you can build muscle with a weight vest.

    What exercises can you do with a weight vest?

    There are a variety of exercises you can do with a weight vest. You can walk, jog, and run while wearing a weight vest and still see impressive and great results. This is because weight vests help your body burn more calories. But, if you want to do higher intensity exercises while wearing your weight vest, you can do squats, lunges, pull-ups, pushups, and even weight lifting. Really all of the calisthenics exercises will give you gains. For a real “treat” try jumping on a pull-up bar with one of these suckers!

    In Closing

    Weight vests are undoubtedly a practical and splendid tool for people who love to do calisthenics exercises. Not only do they help your body reach its maximum potential, but it also allows you to achieve results in a faster time. As your body and muscles feel the load from the vest’s extra weight, it will quickly show you how effective these vests are.

    Hence, choosing a product that can help you best is a critical decision. Hopefully, this article is beneficial in making your choice in weight vests.