The Best Plyo Boxes for Home Gym

Looking to switch up your home workout routine? If you have some floor space available, definitely go for plyo boxes. You’ve probably seen these boxes in your local gym or CrossFit training studio as they are like bread and butter there for a variety of reasons.

In this article, we dive into all the details about the best plyo boxes for your home gym and discuss our top recommendations to help you with your fitness journey! Let’s get started.

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    The 7 best plyo boxes for your home gym

    Our Top Pick: Rogue Resin Plyo Boxes

    Our top recommendation is the Rogue Resin Plyo Box. It is made from recycled plastics, which means you are making a sustainable purchase with this one! It comes in a set of four with the following height options: 12”, 18”, 20”, and 24”. Perfect if you want to experiment with several heights and workout variations. Plus, the boxes are stackable too.


    • Stackable storage
    • 4 height options
    • Made from recycled material
    • Affordable
    • Can be used outdoors without concern


    • Not recommended on slick hard surfaces (but you can put a mat or carpet under them)
    • Requires a small amount of assembly

    Rogue Wood Plyo Box

    The 20″ and 24″ Rogue Original Wood Plyo Boxes are the ones used at the CrossFit Games. Each box has a 19×19″ square top and a beveled top edge to ensure your safety. If you want wooden plyo boxes, this is our top recommended model and brand.


    • Trusted and used by CrossFit athletes and events
    • Beveled top edge
    • Durable and Strong for a wooden plyo box


    • Requires assembly with glue

    Yes4All Wood Plyo Box

    The Yes4All Wood Plyo Box allows you to use three height variations with just one box. You can just easily flip the box to one side to choose a setup suited for your skill level. Each box has pre-drilled holes for easier assembly.


    • Non-slip surface
    • Carry handles
    • Available in four different sizes


    • No soft cover available
    • Assembly can be difficult

    TITAN Fitness Steel Plyo Box

    The TITAN Fitness Steel Plyo box comes in two variations: 18” and 24”. It is made with pro-duty steel construction with a slip-free surface for additional safety. Its solid steel platform can also support users that are heavier in weight.


    • Slip-free surface
    • Solid steel platform
    • No assembly required


    • Metal Edges can be sharp and unforgiving

    Rogue Fitness Steel Plyo Box

    Rogue Fitness’ steel plyo box has a large height range. You can choose from 12” 18”, 24”, 30”, 36”, and 42” depending on your current skill level. Its tapered design makes it more stable and easier to stack for storage.


    • Easy stacking for storage
    • Rubber feet for stability
    • Beveled Metal Edges
    • Good size variations


    • Shipped from a 3rd party distributor
    • Rubber can come loose

    Synergee 3-in-1 Fitness Nonslip Plyo Box

    The Synergee Plyo box is designed to be versatile and safe. Each box comes with three different height variations, making it easier for you to work out according to your skill level and level up your routines when you’re finally ready.


    • Durable and Sturdiness
    • PVC non-slip material
    • 3 Heights out of one plyo box


    • Assembly Required
    • Wood Chips Easily

    Rogue Games Box

    The Rogue Games Boxes have been used in CrossFit competitions for years. With just one box, you get 20”, 24”, and 30” height options. Each box weighs 56 lbs and is designed for safe and effective plyometric training for all skill levels.


    • Used and trusted by CrossFit games
    • Durable
    • Rounded corners for added safety
    • 3 Heights out of one plyo box


    • Assembly required
    • Great but expensive

    What are Plyo Boxes

    Plyo boxes are platforms used for plyometric exercises. These exercises involve activities that enable your muscles to reach maximum force as quickly as you can. So unlike parts of a typical calisthenics routine which may involve slow and long movements, plyometric workouts make you do quick, explosive exercises to increase your power and speed. Examples of plyometric exercises include box jumps, step-ups, depth jumps, and more.

    5 Main Benefits of Plyo Boxes

    1. Increased speed and strength

    As mentioned above, plyometric exercises are combinations of quick and explosive movements. This type of workout trains your muscles to stretch and contract rapidly. And when the right amount of force is applied while stretching, your muscles will respond by contracting with more force. You can apply proper force by doing bursting movements like pushing and jumping. As a result, the higher rate of force development boosts your speed and muscular power.

    2. Endurance Boost

    Plyometric exercises teach your body to spend less energy while producing more force. As a result, you don’t get tired easily at the beginning of your routine. You have enough energy to sustain quality and execution throughout your routine.

    3. Calorie Burn

    Yes, aerobic exercises are the more well-renowned calorie-burning routine. But, plyometric workouts also provide excellent calorie burn (with even less time commitment). This is because as you increase your effort of endurance and strength, you enhance your performance which burns your calories at a faster rate. Plyometric workouts help increase your metabolism which burns calories even while your body is at rest.

    4. Strengthen your bones

    New research shows that explosive movements are also good for maintaining bone structure (hence why a plyo box is such an excellent tool here). To maintain their density, our bones are being constantly rebuilt. And one of the best ways to start that process is to exert a healthy amount of stress on the bones through plyometric exercises. 

    5. Require minimal space and equipment

    For your home gym, all you need is a plyo box, your body weight, and a small amount of floor space to perform plyometric exercises. That’s why a plyo box is an excellent addition to your home or garage gym because of the variety of new workouts you can do on them and the benefits they bring to your overall fitness.

    Top Factors To Consider Before Buying A Plyo Box

    1. Skill level

    If you’re a beginner, you would want to start with a plyo box that is relatively lower in height. Or, go for plyo boxes that are either adjustable in height or those who have three size variations in one. This way, you can start with easy routines and level up as you get stronger without having to buy a new box. 

    2. Material

    Plyo boxes come in different materials as shown in our list of recommendations above. You can have foam, wood, plastic, or even steel plyo boxes. Some variations also have non-slip tops while others rely on the material for a more natural grip. If you want something durable, ditch the plastic (but perhaps don’t be scared of resin!). If you value portability you might choose wood.

    3. Safety considerations

    Of course, it is very important to choose a plyo box that is safe to use. The safest one would be closed on all sides, have rounded corners, and have screws and bolts flushed with the surface to avoid scrapes and other injuries.