Best Sliders for Working Out

We’re always on the lookout for the best tools that can help you transform any open space into a Bodyweight Heaven. With its simple design yet explosive benefits, exercise sliders are definitely must-have Calisthenics companions! 

To help you get on the craze for gliding exercises quickly, allow us to introduce our top three picks on the best sliders for working out. This guide will feature two types of sliders – those specifically built for fitness, and those meant for moving furniture around but can also be used for bodyweight training.

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    Our Top 3 Best Exercise Sliders

    Our absolute best choice, SKLZ Slidez, pulls away from competitors by resolving the most common complaints against other exercise sliders. Size? Durability? Floor-friendliness? Name it, and this gear got that covered. No wonder it became a favorite among local fitness centers!

    There’s a lot to love about these workout sliders, but the most noteworthy is its integrated fasteners designed for bilateral training. Just clip them together and enjoy another way of revamping your bodyweight exercises!


    • Cheaper alternatives can be so small for some customers, but this product provides a large surface area for your hands and feet. 
    • Designed with a non-marking low-friction base so the only marks left on your floor are your hard-earned sweat.
    • While other workout slides bend under the pressure of your feet or hands, this product is impressively sturdy.
    • Its ergonomic tread ensures safe, non-slip grips during training.
    • Has a unique shape that’s compatible with gliding exercises that require omnidirectional movements.


    • The product description doesn’t make it clear that they offer two models, the gray Courtz and the standard yellow model. A buyer recommended choosing based on your floor type. Go for the Courtz if you’ll use it mostly on carpet, while the standard works best for slick floors.

    The SKLZ Slidez’ portability and versatility make it perfect for multiple areas. Its manufacturer guarantees that their product works well on polished cement, turf, gym floors, track, mats, carpet, rugs, pavement, and gravel. 

    From professional workout rooms to your hardwood floor at home, enhancing your core and upper body strength is possible anytime and anywhere.

    Super Sliders is well applauded for its superior ability in moving even large furniture, heavy around. As a plus, we also found buyers who swear by this product’s versatility as a workout slider too! If its sturdiness and size can withstand a pool table, you count on this reusable product as well for your intense bodyweight training.

    If you find our top pick too expensive for your liking, the Super Sliders can be a budget-friendly alternative that can still provide quality workout support. You can purchase it in packs of four or eight pieces.


    • Designed as a highly reusable furniture slider, this product strikes a balance between affordability and durability.
    • Comes with a large surface area to complement any body size.
    • Facilitates proper weight distribution and secure grips to keep you away from injuries.
    • Dual-sided, its durable rubber foam side provides a cushioned surface for your hands and feet while its low-friction, hard plastic bottom protects floors from scratching.


    • Not suitable for outdoor exercise spots with rough pavement or gravel flooring.

    In the same way that Super Sliders allow buyers to move huge furniture with ease, expect to be treated with smooth gliding exercises with this alternative gear. Its manufacturer guarantees top performance on hardwood, ceramic tile, and linoleum surfaces, but there are customers who testified that it glides great against polished cement and carpeted floors too.

    Still skeptical about using a furniture slider for fitness purposes? Worry not, we’ve got another affordable recommendation that’s specially designed for gliding exercises. At a reasonable price point, you can get the Synergee Core Sliders as a quality workout companion that is portable, durable, and safe for use on multiple surfaces.

    As a bonus for fitness enthusiasts who prefer to keep their gears bright and colorful, this product comes in four additional color choices. 


    • Lightweight and compact it can easily fit in your gym bag.
    • Multicolored options, available in black, yellow, red, pink, and green.
    • Double-sided, its foam side is best for hard surfaces while the plastic side is meant to protect your carpet and rugs from damage.
    • Designed with curved contoured edges to prevent your fingers or palms from chaffing.
    • Its manufacturer offers quick and free replacements if you encounter any issues with your purchase.


    • If you prefer sliders that can fit your entire hands and feet, you might find these too small.

    With the Synergee Core Sliders, even beginners can enjoy low impact but high-intensity exercises. Your package will also include a color-printed manual with five gliding exercises that you can perform with this gear.

    Its manufacturer also recommends their product for those who are always on the move. Since it’s compact enough to fit your purse, carry-on, or backpack, you can stay committed to your body goals even as you travel!

    What is a Workout Slider

    Also called gliders, these are usually built with a disc shape and a size just enough for your hands and feet. Trainers love how it can turn their go-to exercises (eg. squats, mountain climbers, lunges, etc.) into a new challenge! 

    Although their primary advantage is core stability, using sliders for gliding exercises can engage multiple muscle groups. 

    We also love how exercise sliders are compatible with varied lifestyles and body goals. Whether you’re traveling a lot or you’re building up a home-based gym, you’d be hooked by these tools’ superior portability and versatility.

    Workout sliders seem pretty basic right, so what could go wrong with shopping for one? Actually, you might want to compare your options first before clicking the buy now button on the first listing you see.

    Products may look like they’re all the same, but sliders actually differ in terms of type, durability, portability, and versatility. We don’t want you to waste your money on cheap, crack-prone discs! 

    Are sliders good tools for working out?

    Sliders are perfect examples of how looks can be deceiving. Sure, they look cute and are far from intimidating. But when in action, these tools can push your muscles to its limits!

    When exercising with sliders, your muscles will be working more intensely. Even better, it amplifies common calisthenics exercises by increasing the number of muscle groups engaged during reps.

    It can even boost your brainpower! We’re no stranger to the unsettling fear of suddenly crashing to the ground. Sliders promote mindful movements, with your brain on a hyper-focus mode in an attempt to manage your body coordination.

    And since your hands and feet will never leave the floor, gliding exercises are low impact exercises that can stimulate intense muscle action without high risks of injuries.

    What are the best slider exercises?

    Getting bored of the same old routine? Sliders can amplify many bodyweight workouts. Check out how you can turn up the heat by using your new tools with these gliding exercises:

    Upper body

    • Sliding pushup – With both of your hands on the sliders, prop yourself up in a high plank position. Slide your hands apart just a bit wider than your shoulders, then execute a push-up.
    • Arm crawl – Start again with the high plank position, but place the sliders beneath your feet this time. Move your body forward by “walking” with your hands as you drag your feet behind.
    • Arm slide – Drop on your hands and knees, with the sliders beneath your palms. Engage your core as you slide forward until your chest comes as close to the ground as possible. Pull your arms back, then repeat.


    • Mountain climber – Begin with a high plank position, placing your feet on the sliders. Instead of lifting your knees alternately, keep your feet on the sliders as you pull it towards your chest. 
    • Plank Jack – With your feet on the sliders, get down on a forearm plank position. Slide your feet apart and pull it close together. Repeat this movement as fast as you can.

    Lower body

    • Squats – While engaging your core, glutes, and hamstrings, stand with your feet on the sliders. Slide your feet apart as you push your hips backward.
    • Ski – Stand with your feet on the sliders. As if you’re actually skiing, push one foot forward as you push the other one back. Do this alternately as quickly as possible.

    Can I use furniture sliders for working out?

    Absolutely! Although they’re originally designed to move furniture around more easily, this type of slider can also be used for a killer workout. 

    Furniture sliders are great options for those on a budget but are still eager to use these tools to scale up their calisthenics training. Our top pick delivers unmatched quality at such a low price!

    Do sliders work on a carpet?

    It actually depends on the sliders that you bought. The best carpet sliders can be used with no issue on varied surfaces, thanks to its dual-sided design. One side is meant for hard finishing (e.g. wood, tiles, etc.), while the other is for soft floors (e.g. carpeted floors). 

    As an alternative, exercise sliders can also feature removable covers to complement the surface you’ll use it on.

    Final Thoughts

    Before you check out your Amazon fitness cart, make sure that you consider your exercise sliders’ versatility, durability, and portability.

    Will you be able to use your workout sliders on different types of surfaces? Can it withstand the most explosive gliding exercises, or will it easily crack under your full weight? Is it lightweight and easy to store?

    Rest assured that we have reviewed these considerations as we rounded up our top three choices for the best sliders for working out.

    Did you love our favorite sliders too? We can’t wait to hear the new workout challenges you’ve conquered with them!