What are the best blue light glasses?

Here at Bodyweight Heaven, we’re always looking out for superb companions for health and fitness enthusiasts like you.

We have a couple of articles that made shopping for workout gear a whole lot easier, but this buying guide is pretty unique. 

Staying in top shape is a commitment that goes beyond the gym. It calls for us to be mindful of other activities in our daily routine, and that includes the hours we spend in front of digital screens or under artificial lighting.

Here’s a big reveal: simply staying indoors can secretly sabotage your health. The culprit? Those bulbs on the ceiling. LED and incandescent bulbs emit blue light which has been found to mess up our body clock. The same goes for using electronic devices such as your phone, computer, and television.

In another article, we’ve spelled out how prolonged exposure to blue light can lead to sleeping disorders. Don’t underestimate the effects of disrupting your circadian rhythm! Not caring can eventually lead to diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and even cancer. 

It’s also obvious that unhealthy usage of gadgets can lead to something as simple as eye strain or life-wrecking as permanent loss of vision.

Completely abstinence from electronic devices is often impracticable, so we’re here to introduce you to a practical solution – investing in blue light glasses. 

Allow us to walk you through a checklist of factors to consider for a smart purchase, along with five of our favorite blue light glasses that outperforms the rest of the market. These picks will keep your circadian performance in top shape!

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    Top 5 Best Blue Light Glasses of 2020

    Our Top Pick: Ra Optics Blue Light Protection Glasses

    On the top of our list is Ra Optics Blue Light Protection glasses which is powerful enough to protect you from most blue light frequencies. Its amber-colored lenses outperform clear “computer glasses” which are often a scam. Backed by studies on how light frequencies work, its red-orange tint guarantees protection from dangerous waves emitted by LED lights and electronic devices.


    • Manufactured with premium quality and lightweight materials, including TR90 and plant-based cellulose acetate
    • Maximum eye protection, can block blue and green light with frequencies measuring up to 550 nanometers
    • Does not compromise your vision, no need to worry about tripping or bumping into things while wearing them!
    • Customizable lenses, you can order them in non-prescription, reading, and prescription variants
    • Balances functionality with style, six aesthetic designs of adult glasses
    • Also available in a kids’ variant that comes in two color variations for


    • Some users may find it really expensive, but we guarantee that they’re worth the investment!

    Ra Optics recommends to consistently use your Protection Glasses from sunset until bedtime. Put it on as soon as artificial lights get to work, or even when you wake up early and it’s still an hour or two before sunrise. In case you want all-day protection from blue light, the brand also offers daytime lenses.

    BLU BLox Sleep+ Blue Light Blocking Lens

    A favorite among frequent travelers and athletes, the BLU Box Sleep+ Blue Light Blocking Lens features amber-tinted glasses that can help enhance sleep and balance hormones. It can even help you manage jet lag with improved focus and faster recovery. For optimal results, the brand recommends wearing it two to three hours before bedtime.


    • Designed and manufactured in Australian Labs for maximum quality control
    • Able to protect you from blue and green light measuring 400 to 550 nanometers
    • Available in 25 stylish and wearable designs, no matter your personality, you’d surely find a right fit
    • Customizable lenses, you can order them in non-prescription, reading, and prescription variants
    • You can also send your own frame and have BLU Box install their blue light blocking lenses on it


    • Expect longer delivery times since they’d be shipped from Australia

    Want to share the beauty of blue light protection to your loved ones? BLU Box also sells gift cards you can avail of in case you want them to enjoy the thrill of choosing their own frame and lenses.

    TrueDark Twilights Nighttime Glasses

    Third on our list is TrueDark Twilights Nighttime Sleephacking Glasses which caught our attention with its three kinds of lenses. The Twilight Classics, as the most powerful of all, it can block 100% of blue, green, and violet light measuring 380 to 580 nanometers. Meanwhile, the Twilight Elites and Twilight Sleep-Hacking Fitovers – can block 98% of these harsh waves and allows safer mobility during nighttime. There’s also the Twilight Sunsets designed with red to amber gradient lenses. Its darker shade on top protection from distance glare and harsh blue light, while its lighter bottom part is designed to assist your vision in performing tasks.


    • Scratch-resistant and polarized polycarbonate lenses that can block up to 580 nanometers of blue light
    • Suitable for managing time-zone shifts, a great companion for travelers!
    • Users in far northern climates can enjoy these lenses’ simulation of “early darkness,” helping maintain your healthy sleep cycles even in the summer
    • Available in four kinds of lenses with varying power and features


    • Limited style options, would’ve been better if they invested in more modern-looking frames
    • Not available in reading or prescription lens variants

    TrueDark guarantees that it’s a great companion that won’t disrupt your ability to prepare diner, read a book, or enjoy watching the TV. Don’t worry, you can wear them indoor without tripping over your pets! For best results, the brand recommends wearing the Twilights Nighttime Glasses 30 minutes to two hours before sleeping.

    Swanwick Night Swannies

    The multi-national brand Swanwick is a product of two Australian brothers’ quest for finding a fix for their sleepless nights. After futile attempts at sleeping medications, herbal remedies, and dietary plans, learning about blue light became a game-changer. The Swanwick Night Swannies’ orange lenses resulted from extensive testing and development.


    • Made of CR-39 lenses with anti-reflective coatings, balances protection with visual clarity
    • Frames are designed with metal or cellulose acetate frames that are lightweight and durable
    • For comfort, their frames are equipped with spring hinges that allow wide range of movement; some glasses also come with adjustable nose pads
    • Available in 11 designs for women, 9 for men, and 2 for kids; some styles also have color variations you can choose from
    • Wide price range, affordable to premium options are available


    • Only one style has a prescription lens option


    Swanwick proudly boasts that their Night Swannies are the sole blue light glasses that underwent independent and scientific lab tests. In 2016, they conducted a 4-week study that revealed really impressive findings: time spent to fall asleep was reduced by 11 minutes; time spent awake in the middle of the night was reduced by 24 minutes; and recorded 14% increased period of deep sleep. With these, 73% of test subjects testified that Swannies improved their sleep quality.

    Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

    High-quality blue light glasses often come at an equally premium cost, so we took the initiative to find the best affordable product worthy of being included in this list. Behold the Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses, an orange-tinted glasses that can protect you from 98% of blue light for less than $10. You can either purchase one item alone or go for its 10 pieces pack.


    • Powered with the manufacturer’s Spectrum Control Technology (SCT) that can block 98% of blue light emitted by digital screens
    • Orange tint produces sharper screen contrast, helping you focus on work without eyestrain
    • Equipped with a 3-position inclination system for multi-angle viewing from varied positions or heights
    • Comfortable fit, designed with a molded nose bridge and cushioned temple tips
    • Easy to replace lenses
    • Significantly affordable as compared to other brands on our list


    • Fashion snobs might not like these glasses’ design

    Reviews for the Uvex Skyper Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses from over 4,500 customers are generally impressive. As of writing, it boasts of near-perfect ratings for sleep quality enhancement, lightweight feel, anti-glare properties, and overall value for money.

    Important Consideration For Your Eyes When Purchasing Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    We know protecting yourself from harmful blue light is urgent, but keep these variables in mind and evaluate your options before clicking that buy now button:

    Functionality and power

    There are a lot of products that make false claims about its ability to block off blue light. Worry not, all of our top picks come in amber-tinted lenses that are proven to be the most effective in neutralizing dangerous waves from LED light and electronic devices.

    Wearability and visual clarity

    Sure, the glasses might be functional. But you don’t want to look weird with them on, do you? Go for brands that offer aesthetic and wearable frames. Moreover, you might want to check if its lenses won’t sabotage your vision. What good would blocking blue light be if you’d end up with injuries from tripping over your own feet?

    Type of lens

    Apart from blocking blue light, you might have eye conditions that require specific types of lenses. Our list of best buys have entries that are available in non-prescription, reading, and prescription variants.


    You’ll be using your blue light glasses during nighttime activities, and protection shouldn’t come at the expense of fitting discomfort. Be sure to check each product’s sizing guide and its frames’ features (e.g. cushioned tips, nose pads, wide-range hinges, etc.). What a bummer if you’d get skin marks due to an inconveniently tight-fitting, or if your glasses will repeatedly fall off your nose.

    The Final Takeaway on All This

    The one thing to understand when choosing the best blue-blocking glasses for you is that you must get glasses that block all blue and the majority of green light frequencies, up to 550 nanometers. In our modern world, those wavelengths are the most energetic and the most damaging at night. They have a deep effect on your circadian patterns, melatonin secretion, and sleep quality.  Ultimately, all light still has some impact on sleep, so it is optimal to avoid all artificial light after sunset.  That said, hopefully, these picks will help you find perform and sleep better.