What is the best grip strengthener?

Who said you have to be at the gym to get on your strength training program? With grip strengtheners, even a lazy day on the couch as you binge-watch your favorite show can bring explosive results. 

This simple tool targets your hands, fingers, wrists, and forearms and helps level up their strength. By exercising this muscle group, you get to prepare for more intense workout routines, condition yourself for lifting heavier weights, and not to mention daily tasks can be such a piece of cake.

Even better, stronger hands can make you more resilient to a medley of health conditions like arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle fatigue, and tendinitis.

You know you can always count on Bodyweight Heaven to look out for the best workout tools, so we gathered up a list of the best grip strengtheners available in the market. Whether you’re after the classics or in an adventurous mood to try unconventional designs, we got worthy recommendations in-store.

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    Top 10 Best Grip Strengtheners of 2020

    Classic Styles

    Rogue Captains of Crush Grippers

    Having dominated the market for over 30 years, first in our top picks is the Captains of Crush Grippers – a set of highly customizable tools for grip strength training. Unlike your old, boring grip tool that requires infinite reps, it’s designed to deliver results in the least amount of time!

    Captains of Crush has an armory of 10 models to choose from, depending on your desired resistance. The brand recommends the 60 lb gripper for newbies and seniors who just want light warm-ups, while experts who are after a challenge can take on the 365 lb variant.


    • Made with premium quality materials, including aircraft-grade aluminum handles and proprietary GR8 springs
    • A balance between aesthetics, comfort, and performance, thanks to Captains of Crush’s precision manufacturing
    • Assists consistent and precise exercises for grip strength training
    • Wide resistance options, every skill level has a perfect fit!
    • Products are available for individual purchases or in sets


    • Given its price point, some customers are bothered by the squeaking sound it makes 
    • A review warned about spring steel fatigue that developed after months of not using the tool

    Proudly made in the USA, the Captains of Crush Grippers are an absolute favorite among fighters, weightlifters, and ordinary fitness enthusiasts of varying strength levels and ages.

    Logest Hand Grip Set

    Stuck with choosing the right resistance level? Why not grab an entire set? Check out Logest’s Hand Grip Set which comes in a pack of three steel alloy tools. Beginners can start off their training with its 100 to 200 lbs set, while the pros can find worthy companions in their 250-350 lbs set. They also offer a box of six if you want a full collection.


    • Guaranteed durable with its steel alloy construction, Logest claims that it could last for years!
    • Lightweight but high-performing aluminum handles for gentle yet powerful grip training
    • Accommodates varied skill levels, their product line has 50-pound resistance increments to assist you in advancing at your preferred pace
    • Portable design so you could use them anywhere – whether at home or even in your business trips


    • Some customers cautioned that its handles can get too slippery during training, but using a tennis grip wrap can be an easy fix
    • Its squeaky sound can be quite annoying for some people

    Logest markets their handgrip set as a superb gift idea for gradual strength building. It is packaged in an aesthetic black box – definitely instagrammable for your workout-loving peers.

    Kootek Hand Grip Strengthener

    If buying an entire set seems too much, you might want to try Kootek’s Hand Grip Strengthener with adjustable resistance levels. You can easily customize it to 50, 75, 100, 125, or 150 lbs. Simply loosen the tool’s fixing ring, slide its handle down to your desired resistance level, then tighten the ring back.


    • Manufactured with premium aluminum alloy that can withstand years-worth of training
    • Equipped with anti-slip handles for seamless workouts
    • Easily adjustable resistance levels at 25-pound increments
    • With its portable design, you can easily store it in your pocket, backpack, or purse


    • It would’ve been better if they developed a variant with higher resistance levels, some customers find the tool too easy

    The Kootek Hand Grip Strengthener design makes it suitable for most hand sizes and varied types of hand exercises. The brand highly recommends it for athletes, bodybuilders, musicians, and people under rehabilitative therapies.

    New Workout Kit Styles

    FitBeast Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit

    The fitness industry evolved past the classic design of grip strengtheners, and FitBeast took it farther with their 5-pack workout kit. 

    You’ll get the following tools with each purchase: an adjustable hand grip strengthener with 22 to 132 lbs resistance levels; a finger exerciser meant to isolate and individually strengthen each one; a finger stretcher to train your intrinsic and extrinsic muscle groups; a 50 lbs hand grip ring for added strength training; and a stress relief grip ball for improved dexterity.


    • Its 5-piece set enables scalable grip strength training, with each tool targeting a specific area of your hand
    • Adjustable resistance levels take out the need to buy several grip strengtheners just to level up your training
    • Soft, ergonomic handle for comfortable workouts
    • The tool’s size can fit both small and large hands
    • Also comes with a carry bag for easy storing of your workout kit


    • Given its affordable price point, some customers warned about the durability of its plastic components

    Even better, FitBeast offers amazing after-sales offers. Customers will get access to free and quality tutorial videos that can provide assistance in designing workout plans. Their customer service team is also ready to provide 24/7 assistance to your queries and concerns.

    HerculesGrip HandGrip Strengthener Workout Kit

    On the lookout for tools that can complement your comprehensive workout plan? HerculesGrip’s workout kit and its six pieces of exercisers can assist you in over 20 training variations. 

    Its main product is an adjustable hand gripper that allows you to scale it from 22 to 88 lbs of resistance with just a turn of a knob. Backing it up is a finger exerciser that’s designed to provide the right force for each one, a set of three-finger stretchers that can fit all hand sizes, and a silicone grip ring with 50 lbs of offered resistance.


    • Adjustable hand gripper is designed with a powerful stainless spring
    • Equipped with ergonomic and non-slip handles for maximum comfort
    • This set is suitable for all ages and skill levels
    • Comes with a three-year warranty
    • Compact size allows you to make progress anytime and anywhere


    • Some customers felt that the resistance the tools gave is too weak for their liking
    • Reviews warned of easy breakage of its plastic parts

    The HerculesGrip Workout Kit also comes with an HD tutorial video to help you get the best results. Athletes and musicians are among the top market for its promised strength and dexterity improvements. What’s more, the set can also aid in stress relief and injury rehabilitation.

    GRM Hand Grip Strengthener Workout Kit

    AmazonBasics developed an affordable alternative for calisthenics fans who want to try out battle ropes at a tight budget. Even at such low cost, the manufacturers offered no less than a durable and ergonomic design that outperforms other budget-friendly options in the market.


    • Built with a durable polyester blend
    • High tensile strength, prolonged usage without fraying or breakage
    • Portable and easy to store even in compact spaces
    • Covered by the Amazon Basics one-year warranty
    • Designed with a heat shrink handle for solid grips
    • Affordable, only costs half of other leading brands


    • There are customers who found the handles too slippery
    • Some reviews discouraged using the ropes outdoors, as it will cause faster fraying than normal

    The AmazonBasics Battle Exercise Rope comes in a 1.5 and 2 inches widths that are available in 30, 40, or 50 ft variants, allowing you to choose based on your skill level. General fitness enthusiasts and pro athletes alike can now intensify their strength training without breaking the bank.

    Unique and Novel Concepts we Love

    Vive Ring Grip Exercisers

    If you think hand strengthening is only possible with the usual hand grippers, Vive’s six pieces ring set might give you a fresh perspective. Each package comes with a color-coded kit of 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 lbs grip rings for efficient interval training. For easy storage, you’d also get a nylon travel bag with your purchase.


    • Enables quiet exercises, perfect for people who are annoyed by the squeaking sound of usual hand grippers
    • With an outer diameter of 3.45 inches, Vive promises that it can fit both men and women’s hands
    • Made with premium silicone that is latex-free, non-slip, and odorless
    • Durable construction, the rings are resistant to tears and cracks
    • Backed by Vive’s 60-day guarantee


    • Some users found the ring’s resistance as too weak and opted to use two in one hand as a quick fix

    If the limited exercises you can perform with hand grippers bore you, you’d probably appreciate how Vive Ring Grip Exercises support varied forms of movements. You can build your hands’ strength and dexterity with crushing, pinching, and extensions. Vive considers their set most suitable for budding athletes, physical therapy patients, and musicians.

    Sphere Hand Grip Strengthener

    There are hand grippers that suddenly snaps in half or sends small components flying, thereby causing unwanted accidents. Sphere addressed this safety issue with a redesigned tool that generates resistance through the compression of a solid steel spring. Even better, the Sphere Hand Grip Strengthener can be adjusted from 11 to 110 lbs resistance levels. This makes it perfect for men and women alike of varying skill levels.


    • Manufactured with heavy-duty ABS plastic, thermoplastic nylon, and stainless steel that is durable and resistant to deformation
    • Adjustable resistance level from 11 to 110 lbs, fit for progressive strength training
    • Designed with an ergonomic, non-slip, bi-directional handles suitable for all hand sizes
    • Quiet when used, unlike other squeaky hand grippers
    • Also comes with a strap and a comprehensive instructional guide


    • Some customers found that using it at maximum resistance levels can be quite painful due to its front handle’s design, but Sphere addressed this with their 100% guarantee replacement policy

    With its safe and adjustable design, Sphere guarantees that teens and seniors can get as much benefit from their hand gripper as an advanced athlete would. While it can bring powerful strength training, the tool also helps in pain and stress relief as well as muscle rehabilitation.

    Rogue Xtensor Reverse-Grip Hand Exerciser

    Looking like a prototype straight out of a sci-fi robot movie, the Xtensor Reverse-Grip Hand Exercises introduces a unique approach to hand strengthening. Instead of the usual gripping motion required by other tools, resistance is created as you stretch your fingers out. This is made possible by a grid system connected to several finger band attachments.

    Each purchase gives you the Xtensor Hand Exerciser, five finger bands, a dual-sided thumb band, and a wrist strap.


    • Provides the right amount of resistance level for each specific finger
    • Made with latex-free highly elastic tension bands
    • Suitable for varied hand sizes
    • Reversed motion relieves the palms’ muscle tightness which repetitive and forceful gripping usually causes
    • Manufactured and shipped from the USA


    • A review suggested the fortification of the rubber links which can get easily damaged when used by people with larger hands

    The Xtensor Reverse-Grip Hand Exerciser is designed to reduce hand injuries when training, especially stiffness and pain. When used consistently several days a week, it has been proven to safely stabilize and strengthen muscle groups in your fingers, hands, wrists, and elbows.

    Honorable Mention

    TheraBand FlexBar Resistance Bar

    We’ve talked about hand grippers, rings, and finger stretchers, but did you know that resistance bars can be great grip strengtheners too? 

    Check out the TheraBand FlexBar – a set of four resistance bars that can assist hand, forearm, wrist, and elbow exercises with twisting and bending motions. What caught our attention is how this simple device was featured by major media outlets as a scientifically proven treatment for Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow.


    • Made with durable and flexible dry natural rubber
    • Clinically proven to enhance tendons’ strength by 72% and decrease elbow pain by 81% among test subjects who suffer from Tennis Elbow
    • Ridged design for comfortable gripping and twisting
    • Compact design allows you to bring and use it anywhere
    • Comes with a comprehensive guide for exercises you can perform with the bars


    • Beware of sellers that ship knock-off variants of the TheraBand FlexBars
    • Reviews warned that the blue bar can be too slippery and stiff when used

    Though it looks quite simple, the TheraBand enables scalable resistance training with its set of four FlexBars: extra light FlexBar (yellow) with 6 lbs resistance which is fit for beginners, teens, and seniors suffering from extreme elbow pain; light FlexBar (red) with 10 lbs resistance that is usually patronized by women; medium FlexBar (green) with 15 lbs resistance that is recommended for pain relief among gardeners, painters, and musicians; and heavy FlexBar (blue) with 25 lbs resistance for the most intense grip training.

    Important Consideration For Your Home Gym Battle Ropes Purchase

    We want you to get the best out of your purchase, so take these pointers in mind as you choose the best grip strengthener for you:

    • Resistance Level – The key to maximizing tools for strength training is finding your right fit in terms of resistance level. Those that are too weak will barely yield any benefit while using devices too advanced for you can cause injuries. Our top picks feature a range of resistance levels, including tools as light as 6 lbs and ultra-challenging strengtheners with 365 lbs tension. You can also choose between sets or adjustable single grippers.
    • Durability – Whether your goal is to develop superior grip strength or simply rehabilitate your injured muscles, you’ll need a device that can withstand long term use. Our guide emphasized the materials used for each recommendation, and we even included customers’ warnings against some easily damaged components. 
    • Comfort and safety – Training shouldn’t come at the expense of discomfort or injuries! Make sure that the grip strengthener you’ll purchase is ergonomically designed, preferably with anti-slip and crack-resistance features. You might also want to double-check each product’s size to make sure they’d fit your hands and fingers. 
    • Type – We find it amazing that the fitness industry constantly pushed the limits of innovation and creativity. In this buying guide, you’ll find that grip strengtheners come in varied types and designs. While there are classic metal hand grippers, we also found unique concepts featuring reverse-grip exercisers, finger stretchers, rings, and even resistance bars.

    The Final Takeaway on Grip Strengtheners

    The one thing to remember when choosing a grip strengthener is to note your needs and what level of complexity you are willing to put up with. If you won’t use it when it requires a few minutes of tinkering, stick with the classic or the theraband. If you like to tinker a lot, maybe the kit is right for you.

    Again, weigh the decision on which of the options listed above fits you best and may your workout forces be with you in your grip strengthener choice!