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Ready to kick start your Frida!? This WOD is a little different as we want you to try to incorporate some kettle bells in to your routine. You don’t have to own a set of 100 (just a few will do), but training with kettle bells is a great way to add to your body weight training program.

  1. Kettle bell throw – grab the kettle bell with both hands, lift it up in the air with your legs spread apart and bring the bell back through your legs. This is a classic kettle bell move.
  2. Power skips – find an open space and skip like you mean it! Lift your jumping leg high in to the air.
  3. Jump Rope – you know what to do here!
  4. Kettle bell curls – do a bicep curl with the kettle bell.
  5. Burpees – you know what to do.
  6. Hand stands – use a wall or go free-standing.
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