Body Weight Heaven WOD – April 2nd – Tricep Development

It’s April 2nd and time for the body weight WOD. You need an arms workout! One of the keys to climbing / swimming / MMA training performance is a strong set of triceps. Whether it is getting over that mantel (climbing) or driving your sparing partner in to submission, triceps help a ton in so many sports. Corona or no Corona, staying fit and focused is key to mental and physical health. Let’s get you focused on some tricep exercises.

  1. Dips – a classic! Put two chairs together, if you don’t have a dip station, and try to stabilize the chairs to perform the dip. There’s an alternative to this exercise below as well.
  2. Tricep Dip – use a chair, a coffee table or any elevated surface that you can combine to raise your body off the ground. The exercise is basically a dip, but with your back close the chair and your legs extended to perform the dip.
  3. Get-Ups – similar to the side blank, but you actually get up! Start by putting one hand on the ground and one hand in the air (perpendicular to your body). Extend your leg and bring your other leg close to your body (knee should be close to your body). From there, with your butt on the ground, use the knee close to your body and slightly raise your butt.
  4. Punches – we are big fan of working the heavy bag! If you’re lucky to have one, start wailing on that thing! If not, everyone knows how to punch, but try really working combos or just punch one fist at a time. Throw some tunes on to make this interesting! Work with the beat…
  5. Pike Push Ups – think: hand stand, but your feet are on the ground. Get in to the push up position and then bring your legs in to your body. Keep your head on the ground and your hands close to your hands. You’ll want to be in a bridge-like position. From there, push up with your arms (like a push up), but stay in the bridge position.
  6. Elbow Planks – we love these too! For a variation, try going longer and using your elbows. Keep you back straight!
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