Body Weight Heaven WOD – April 7th – Shoulder Workout

It’s April 7th and your week has started… Monday may have been an off day, but today it is time to get back at it. Those barn door shoulders are something else. Ever notice how some people have that strong shoulder build? Well there’s something very important about that: stability! Shoulders are a weak point so the stronger the better! Corona or no Corona, staying fit and focused is key to mental and physical health. Let’s get you focused on some shoulder exercises.

  1. Push Ups – this time go to failure… Is that 25? What about 50? In one set try to do as many push ups as you can! The goal is to feel that burn.
  2. Shoulder Taps – very similar to a push up. The difference is after you extend (push) your arms, take one hand and touch your shoulder. You will want to spread your legs to maintain stability.
  3. Star Planks – we’re basically keeping the shoulder taps going, with this exercise. The difference is you are holding one arm out horizontally. In other words, only three points are on the ground, with one arm outstretched.
  4. Bear Crawl – this one is easy, and very effective. Get on all fours and crawl around like a bear… That’s pretty much it. You’ll want to find an open space to do this. Three minutes is kind of a lot, so try to go as long as you can.
  5. Handstands – either wall-aided or with gravity as your guide, handstands are awesome. Keep those elbows straight, so you don’t lose any power.
  6. Burbees – now we’re getting somewhere… Burbees are king of the body weight workout! Get into a push up (extended) position and then quickly bring your knees close to your chest. Now, jump from there (end with a clap). Next, got back down to the push up position and do it all over again.
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