Body Weight Heaven WOD – April 14th – Sprint and Spring

Well hello April 14th! Good morning and welcome to another WOD! Who doesn’t need a little spring in their step? This WOD’s main goal is to help you get faster and develop jumping strength. Corona or no Corona, staying fit and focused is key to mental and physical health. Let’s get you focused on some speed training!

  1. High Knee Skips – remember skipping as a kid? Well, these are about the same… The goal here is to jump as high as possible with each skip.
  2. Shuffle Run – Ah, you’re in grade school again. Place a total of four objects you can easily pick up with your hands 25 meters apart. Start at one end and sprint to the objects. Pick up one and then run to the other object. Place one down and pick other one up. Do the same on the other side. Go fast!
  3. Power Jumps – get in to the squat position. Get low if you need to. Jump as high as you can while lifting your legs in the air. Be sure to land carefully and then repeat.
  4. 100 Meter Sprints – You know what to do!
  5. Calf Raises – find a 2×4 piece of wood or something that will allow you to lift your toes about 2″ and then do a calf raise.
  6. Burbees – now we’re getting somewhere… Burbees are king of the body weight workout! Get into a push up (extended) position and then quickly bring your knees close to your chest. Now, jump from there (end with a clap). Next, got back down to the push up position and do it all over again.
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