Body Weight Heaven WOD – Happy Movement Monday

Have a good weekend? We hope so… Well, it’s time to get in to another WOD! For this WOD, we are getting your Monday set right. Corona or no Corona, staying fit and focused is key to mental and physical health. Let’s get you focused on maximizing your Monday.

  1. Lunges – a classic and one you likely already know. With this exercise, try really going deep in to the lunge.
  2. Clapping Push Up – a push up with a beat! This one is challenging, so do your best. Execute the push up and at the very end clap!
  3. Side Leg Raise – stand straight and simply raise one leg at a time. With this exercise, you’ll want to make sure keep your balance.
  4. Leg Raises – lay on your back and lift both legs at the same time. I suggest keeping your palms on the ground close to your glutes.
  5. Elbow Planks – similar to a plank, but use your elbows and try to max out the amount of time you’re executing the plank.
  6. Supermans – lay flat on the ground and lift both arms and your legs off the ground. Your stomach should be on the ground the entire time – a great back workout.
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