Body Weight Heaven WOD – Stretch It Out

Good afternoon and welcome to another WOD! For this WOD, we are proposing a stretching routine to prep you for the weekend! Corona or no Corona, staying fit and focused is key to mental and physical health. Let’s get you focused on stretches.

  1. Towel Stretch – grab a towel and put your hand behind your head with the towel hanging. Next, take your other hand and put it behind your back. Grab the towel and move the towel back and forth.
  2. Kneeling Half Moon – sit with your heals underneath your glutes and raise your hands above your head while moving them from side to side. This is a great stretch for your quads and traps.
  3. Downward Dog – sit on your knees, outstretch your arms and place your hands on the ground. Stretch back and enjoy the peaceful feeling of this stretch.
  4. Quad Stretch – stand up and lift your ankle to your hand. Slowly pull your ankle up and stretch your quad.
  5. Bound Forward Hold – grab both hands behind your back and lean forward with your hands outstretched behind your back.
  6. Hamstring Stretch – place your feet together and then place one of your heels forward. Stretch the hamstring of that leg – repeat with the other leg.
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