Body Weight Heaven WOD – Thirsty for fitness Thursday

Welcome to another WOD! Let’s get your Thursday moving… For this WOD, we are working on legs with a little bit of shoulder training. Corona or no Corona, staying fit and focused is key to mental and physical health. Let’s get you focused on maximizing your Tuesday!

  1. Handstands – use a wall or a door to stabilize yourself and hold that handstand!
  2. Jumping Jacks – move quickly from the handstand to the jumping jack. You know what to do here.
  3. Jump Squats – start low, in the squat position and jump! Repeat and maybe bring your knees to your chest for extra credit.
  4. Squat Holds – after the jump squats routine, stay in a bent knee position. Hold this pose like you’re skiing! This pose is an incredible cycling training tip – try to make it burn!
  5. Punches – throw as many punches as you can while trying to throw in some interesting combos!
  6. Burpees – not these again 🙂 Yes, let’s get back to getting you super fit. Hit the burpees after your punch combos. What an excellent way to end the WOD!
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