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Have A Few Training Minutes To Burn?

Working from home means training from home! And, what better way to stay in shape and keep your mental focus sharp than by a few body weight workouts a day? What do we recommend? Well, the basics are always on the training menu. Here’s the breakdown of the exercises…

  1. Push Ups – place your hands shoulder-width apart and execute your push up with a straight back and strong core.
  2. Chin Ups – either wide grip or traditional (shoulder width apart), grab your favorite chin up bar and knock these out.
  3. Sit Ups – we prefer the traditional chin up as well as the crunch, but in this case try going back to the classic sit up.
  4. Squat Thrusts – similar to any squat just minus the weight!
  5. Handstands – either wall-aided or gravity controlled, hold that pose!
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