Bodyweight Workouts To Gain Your Fitness Goals

Committing to going to the gym daily involves great consistency regardless of your workout goals. How about we tell you that you can accomplish your goals at home. On top of that, you don’t even need weights because the body weight is enough to accomplish those goals. Even then if you want to lift weights you can start with body weight and go lift weights once you feel like it. 

What is the benefit of this workout, when you cannot see it through your workout clothes? Working at home with utilizing just the body weight is much more practical and beneficial than you think. Following we have a few body-weight workouts. Choose from them the ones you like and set aside a few minutes daily for your fitness and health. 


Balance the body on hands and toes. Place hands under the shoulders and tuck the elbows in. keep the back straight and locked forming a straight line from head to feet. Lower the body and get your face close to the ground. Hold that position for a few seconds and get back up keeping the motion slow and steady. 

Perform 3 to 5 sets of 20 reps each maintaining proper form and you will have a good workout. The back, shoulders, chest, and arm muscles are the focus of this workout. You can increase the reps if you after the last rep of each set is easy to do.


Get something with about knee height, in front of you on which you can stand. Stand at a distance from where you can easily step up on that table or whatever. Ready, now slowly step up on the table or box with one foot, raise the other foot to your chest as soon as you get up. Then slowly raise the raised foot low and get back on the ground. This exercise stabilizes the core, improves the balance, strengthens the glutes and leg muscles. 

You may get a hold of something to get used to the workout. Keep the motion slow, beware of your surroundings and try not to hurt yourself in the process. Once one leg has faced 3 sets of 10-15 reps, switch to another leg and continue. Wear workout joggers in which you can easily step up and down with full range of motion. 

Spider Crawl

Starting in pushup position you have to raise one knee and try to touch your chest or chin with it. Don’t worry if the back bends a little. Hold the position for about 5 seconds and slowly get back into position. Now do the same with another knee, this completes one rep. Do at least 12-16 reps in each 3 sets. Keep it as slow and steady as you can, the slower the better. Get the knee closer to the chin as you can to pump the abs more. 

Standing Long Jump

Stand and jump forward as far as possible, turn back and jump back to the starting point. That is, it. To cover more distance you may swing your arms and tuck the knees in a little but. Land on the balls of feet and try not to fall off. To maintain the balance you can sit and place your hands on the floor. This workout will strengthen your calves and thigh slow-twitch muscles fibers. In other words, the muscle’s endurance is increased. This is a good leg workout.


We all know how to do a burpee. If you don’t hear how. Position yourself into the pushup. Do a pushup and push yourself up with your arms to get into a squat position. As soon as you get up, perform a half squat and jump up, raising your arms to reach the sky. As soon as you land from that jump, get back to the pushup position and repeat. Burpees are great as they work on the chest, legs, arms, back and core muscles all together. 


Grab a bar and keep the palms facing towards you. Shoulder-width, adjacent, and full width apart are the positions you can try. Once you have a strong grip on the bar, extend the arms completely lowering the body down. From there, pull yourself up raising the chin to or above the bar if you can. 

Breathe in when hanging low, hold your breath while going up, release the breath when the chin reaches the bar and slowly lower yourself again. Pull Ups are great to build great back, shoulder, and wing muscles. These include different grips into your workout. 

Glute Bridge

Lie down on the ground facing the sky. Place your feet firmly on the floor and raise the back so that your shoulders, head, and feet are balancing the body off the ground. When lifting the back up, engage your core, hips and glute muscles. Hold the raise position for 5-10 seconds and lower yourself slowly. Wait for about 3 seconds and repeat. Try this workout with one leg raised and one foot on the ground to increase intensity. This workout will improve your back and core strength and build great looking glutes. 

Bottom line

Pick your favorites and do one after the other, making a complete workout. You can also include other exercises like squats, lunges, planks, crunches, mountain climbers or any others to the workout. To increase the intensity switch to one arm or leg depending on the workout.

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