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For you athletes and enthusiasts, we know how important it is to have the right equipment! The best tools help you ramp up your workout routine and increase the level of difficulty to meet your goals. With the vast array of workout gear available, choosing a weight vest can be tough. Let us help you with this Rogue Weight Vest Review!

To see real progress, you must choose the best equipment. It would be best to justify these claims and results from other users to back up the said claims. So, let us introduce this vest review.

For this blog, we will look at Rogue’s Plate Carrier and see whether it can truly deliver or not. We will do a feature breakdown below, including the pros and cons.

What Sets Rogue Weight Carrier Apart?

The Rogue Plate Carrier is the only true Rogue branded weighted vest. It is a heavy-duty weight vest made in America, optimized to use alongside its USA Cast Plates and Echo Cast Plates. It has a sleek, simple, and robust design suitable to revolutionize your workout regimen completely.

The Rogue Weight Vest is a highly straightforward workout accessory. With its new design, it also eliminated a lot of unnecessary bulk and bells and whistles. It is a high-performance and high-quality vest that are uniquely streamlined and improved with its modern tac-style training system.

How Do You Buy a Weighted Vest?

When looking for and eventually purchasing a weighted vest, you must consider the price difference between every alternative. Begin by looking at its features and proceed by evaluating whether it is indeed worth its price or not. This depends on your willingness and fitness goals as a consumer as well.

Rogue’s Plate Carrier is priced at $125 for the vest alone. This price is only limited to unloaded vests, meaning that there are still no plates inside the vest. The plates can be purchased separately, which is a plus for versatility, but perhaps not for the pocketbook.

It is available in three adjustable sizes and four color options: Coyote Brown, Ranger Green, Black, and Gray. All plate pockets on all versions measure 10.25 inches as its outside width and 12.25 inches as its outside height.

When buying a weighted vest, you must also consider its material and other features. The Rogue Weight Vest, for example, has a stretch woven fabric, extra foam padding,  and minimized seams inside the vest. This protects the accessory and prevents chafing and other forms of discomfort while moving and doing your training. A short elastic section at the back portion of the waist strap also makes it easy to enable snug and consistent fit of the vest.

Is It Worth It?

We will review the vest’s performance based on four factors: durability, fit, Velcro, and shoulder straps. Having a glimpse of what the Rogue Weight Vest is and the price it costs, we finally decide whether it is worth it or not. These factors will guide and help us in matching the price of the carrier to its functionalities.

What Rogue Did Right


The first on the list of this Rogue Weight Vest Review is product durability. Across all products but most especially in workout accessories, these factors are highly crucial. It is concerned with your workout accessory’s ability to last for a long time without significant deterioration.

When a product’s material is highly durable, it will not call for frequent repair or replacement. Some durability measures include the item’s years of life, hours of use, and the number of operational cycles. Having a durable workout accessory helps you save costs, but it also conserves resources and reduces waste and other environmental impacts.

The Rogue Weight Vest has proven to us to have high durability and does not immediately lose its shape or form. Its material is in a 500D/1000D Cordura fabric, both heavyweight and medium nylons have polyurethane and urethane coatings. The plate carrier’s tear strength and abrasion resistance will enable athletes and trainees to feel at ease whenever they are using the workout accessory.

Rogue ensures that as a USA-manufactured accessory, it should stand the test of time and use. All the vest’s toughness comes alongside its ability to resist both rot or mildew. We believe this is vital, as the vests very nature of calls for it to be frequently washed and allowed to hang dry often.


Weight vests must be comfortable enough because if not, it will lead to more severe matters if it is not as comfortable to wear as it should be. Because its purpose is to hold weighted plates, it is only fitting that it ensures that the trainees are comfortable and do not feel uneasy when using it. Because some of Rogue’s plates have contour in its shape, the vest must have the ability to follow the same form.

Upon seeing and trying the Rogue Weight Vest on, you can immediately say that it provides a comfortable and breathable fit. The carrier lacking chafing and any added padding on the plate holders’ underside gives out an illusion to you as if you are a heavier person. Additionally, the way that the vest is designed allows you to cut off the usual worry of constantly jostling and eventually growing uneasy. The unevenness often causes this in most of the weight vest straps in the market.

Trainees starting from those who are having a simple pre-workout jog can gain a lot of benefits from this vest with the way it was built. On the other hand, for those who are undergoing training for the military, Rogue Weight Vest is perfect for push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups, among the many. You can hardly notice that you have something strapped to your body, except for the added weight the plates inside the vest brings.

What Rogue Could Have Done Better


We are indeed not holding this accessory to perfection in this Rogue Fitness Weight Vest review. Despite the high durability of the product mentioned in the previous sections, its Velcro straps can slightly reduce that statement. With the other parts of the vest requiring little to no worry and maintenance, these straps are probable for wear and tear.

The Velcro straps tend to wear out through time and it is hard to avoid because you are using the accessory for rigorous activities, right? like working out. We need the straps to last for years, and there are some question marks here with regular vigorous use.

Shoulder Straps

Having secure shoulder straps might be minimal and often go unnoticed or swayed away by most people. However, when you wear a weight vest, you must ensure that the straps are appropriately done. If you do not do this, the vest will bounce around as you train and do your workout. As a result, it will put pressure on your spine and eventually strain you.

As for the Rogue Weight Vest, though it has pads across the entire secure accessory, it somehow forgot to place it in a critical area. The carrier’s shoulder straps lacked these pads, which may be due to the influence of its design and was a match in terms of its leanness. However, deciding to make the straps lean and not putting pads on it became the root of this concern.

One of the significant reasons for someone to use a weighted vest is that they plan to use it in rigorous activities. We often take these on hiking, backpacking, and weighted treks and the absence of padding on the shoulder straps will often provide an uncomfortable experience.

It would be a wise move for Rogue if they provided an option for these pads. Having a compartment on the shoulder straps for removable padding will be highly appreciated. This way, trainees and athletes can have a more comfortable wearing experience for occasions where necessary, like those mentioned earlier.

Our Call

Weighing the above factors, we have now delved into the specifications and features of this product. So is the Rogue vest worthy at this price point?

In short, Yes! We highly recommend the Rogue Weight Vest at a price of $125, when compared to other alternatives. Its sleek design allows us to focus more on its use and portability rather than physical features. We still find the workout accessory worthy of recommendation despite the few flaws identified above.

The Rogue Weight Vest delivers its purpose with its zero-hassle design. We know this is the most important thing that we are looking for in an accessory that looks and feels less bulky. The rogue vest absolutely gets the job done.

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