6 Jump Ropes Build Endurance And Strength

Jumping has been part of humans’ natural reflexes and was even an essential for survival. Instinctively, our forefathers used this movement to swiftly escape wild animals, strategically attack in combat, or to simply reach food from trees. However, we’re not telling you to rummage through your childhood box in the attic and just grab that old toy rope! If you have enjoyed playing with jump ropes as a kid, you’d be delighted to know that it can also bring you closer to your body goals as an adult. So what does jump rope training help you focus on? Jump roping mainly engages your lower body, including your calves, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. The required swinging motion also taps into your arms, shoulders, and core.

So, if you’re wondering which jump ropes will benefit your training, we’ve rounded up our 6 favorite workout jump ropes in this article, making sure that they’ll match different training objectives you might have.

Our Favorites

Absolute BEST: The SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope

Rogue SR-1

Even better, you can customize the SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope’s length! Rogue has published a quick video tutorial on YouTube to help you adjust your cable according to your preference and height.

Looking for a jump rope with unmatched speed? Our top pick’s rotating handles and high precision bearing system will help you surpass your personal record. Its 10 feet nylon cable and 6.75 inches resin handles are also built to withstand the most explosive rope exercises.

To prevent damage, the brand recommends to use the SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope on rubber or non-abrasive surfaces only. This seems best for those who prefer indoor workouts.


  • Glass-filled resin handgrip and coated nylon cable for superior durability
  • Adjustable rope length to fit the user’s height
  • Ultra fast ball bearings, perfect for executing double unders
  • Multiple color options for both handles and cable
  • Stiff nylon cable prevents it from tangling


  • Some customers complained that the handles can get slippery when you sweat

We love how the Rogue gave abundant choices so buyers can find the perfect companion. Aesthetics-wise, you can choose from seven different handle colors. Meanwhile, replacement nylon cables are available in eight color options. The standard rope can be adjusted to a shorter length, and taller athletes may go for the 11 feet variant.

Rogue’s Bridges SR-2 Speed Rope 3.0

Rogue SR-2 3.0

Next on our list is a mean-looking tool that boasts of aircraft grade aluminum handles with a ball-bearing swivel design. If you fancy military-themed designs, then you’ll like its grips’ Olive drab ionized finish complemented by a light grey nylon cable. 

In terms of functionality, we’re amazed at how this rope can move seamlessly in any direction. It’s also designed with knurled handles for a reliable grip regardless of how blazing fast you go.

Similar to the SR-1, you have to be mindful of where you use this rope to prolong its life. You might wanna skip gravel, concrete, and other rough surfaces to prevent damaging the cables.


  • Enables omnidirectional motion to support varied rope exercises
  • Customizable length, can be shortened according to your height
  • Cool military aesthetics inspired by ex-U.S. Navy Seal Josh Bridges
  • Built to last with aircraft grade aluminum handles and coated nylon cable
  • Sandblast textured spindle to avoid accidental slips


  • Although the handles and its innermost cable material are proven sturdy, customers noticed that the rope’s polymer encasement can wear off in just six months. Replacement cables are available for purchase.

The Bridges SR-2 Speed Rope 3.0 is a tribute of Rogue to its top athlete Josh Bridges, with his signature facial hair printed on its handles. The company seems to have translated his competitive drive and resilience into this high performance and durable jump rope.

Rogue’s E-grip Bearing Jump Rope

Rogue e-grip

The “E” from Rogue’s E-grip Bearing Jump Rope stands for “ergonomic.” Its handles’ shape and material are specifically built to strike a balance between comfort and firmness as you perform rapid spins.

Beyond that snug grip, this tool also has a precision swivel design that allows you to swiftly move the rope in any direction. 

It uses the same cable as the first two products on our list, thus is also adjustable in length and must not be used on rugged floorings.


  • Tapered handles with TPE overmold for a cozy yet secured grip
  • Smooth and super fast spin thanks to its bearing system
  • Swivel enables 360 degrees rotation, compatible with multiple rope exercises
  • Adjustable cable length
  • Lightweight coated nylon cable for speed


  • Some customers complained that the metal bolts used to adjust the cable’s length may frustratingly come off during spins. One recommended wrapping it with tape for a quick fix.

Breaking personal records shouldn’t come at the expense of severely fatigued wrists and hands! The way our body interacts with tools will affect the results we get. It’s awesome how Rogue elevated the ergonomic features of its cable by matching it with easy to wield handles.

N1Fit Weighted Jump Rope


While the previous ropes focus on speedy rotations, the spins you get from N1Fit’s jump rope is intentionally slowed down by its thick build. Heavy cables blasts more calories for weight loss and improves one’s strength, coordination, and endurance. Weighing one pound, this jump rope engages your shoulders, forearm, and entire back in every spin. 

Don’t get intimidated! Along with its hefty cable come comfortable, non-slip handles that are soft to feel and are even sweatproof. 

With an easy to manipulate screw system, you can also adjust the 108” cable’s length as you desire.


  • Adjustable cable length, perfect for people between 5’1” to 6’6”
  • Tangle-free cables
  • Smooth rotations enabled by its ball bearing system
  • Memory foam handles for reliable and comfortable grips
  • Backed by N1Fit’s quick replacement policy for unsatisfied buyers


  • Customers suggested to replace plastic parts with a more durable material

It’s commendable that this one pound tool is complemented by ergonomic features to avoid injuries while you train. Moreover, the slow rotation from the N1Fit Weighted Jump Rope keeps you mindful of your posture that is often neglected by the pressure to keep up with speed ropes. 

LetsFit Jump Rope


LetsFit Jump Rope is our favorite for general fitness. Its steel wire embedded PVC rope supported by a 360 degree ball bearing system creates smooth and stable rotations. Guaranteed breathable and non-slip, its cushioned handles come in five colors you can choose from.

In case you find it too long, you can adjust its 9’4” cable with a wire cutter. LetsFit also published a guide recommending the best length for every height bracket.


  • Anti-sweat foam handles for maximum comfort 
  • 360 degrees ball bearing system that assists in executing smooth, low noise spins
  • Durable steel wire cable enclosed with a bold PVC material
  • Trimmable cable to fit anyone from 4’10” to 5’5”


  • Unsatisfied customers wished the cover button unscrewed for adjustments doesn’t fall off and break so easily

What we like the most about the LetsFit Jump Rope is that you can use it practically anywhere – on your lawn, indoors, or even on concrete! Its cable’s PVC enclosure is sturdy and durable unlike other materials that are prone to breakage when used on harsh surfaces.

Proud Panda Weighted Skipping Rope

Proud Panda

Proud Panda’s Weighted Skipping Rope is inspired by the build of the usually intimidating battle ropes. This unique design makes every swing far more challenging than ordinary jump ropes, making it the ideal tool for enhancing balance, agility, endurance, and cardiovascular health.

You can choose between its 3lb and 3lbs options, both made with tightly woven polymer synthetic fiber. Proud Panda recommends their 9.2 feet rope for athletes under 5’8”, while taller ones can pick up the 9.9 ft variant.

We also commend this tool’s versatility! From an adult’s jump rope, schools and training camps have used it as a battle rope for kids.


  • High tensile strength for preventing breakage
  • Soft non-slip handles to avoid unnecessary discomforts
  • Covered in nylon sleeves that reduce friction and amplifies durability
  • Made of high quality and tightly woven polymer synthetic fiber
  • Safe for use both indoors and outdoors


  • Not advisable for beginners and people with weak wrists that are prone to injury

By creating a compact version of a battle rope, Proud Panda enabled users to yield the best of weight loss, muscle build up, and strength training. In fact, the company’s research claims that 10 minutes of using their product is equivalent to a 30 minute run, a 60 minute yoga session, or a 40 minute cycling trip.

How to choose the best jump rope

The type of jump rope you pick must complement your exercise goals. 

Have you been dying to try double unders? Rogue Speed Ropes and its unmatched swiftness can help you execute the quick revolutions needed. But if you’re after strength building, you can depend on our recommended weighted jump ropes for far more intense workouts. 

Meanwhile, those who just want to maintain their general fitness can go for the affordable but quality LetsFit jump rope. 

The best jump rope exercise routines

We know, the basic single under can get pretty bland as you progress. Take a look at these fun exercise routines you can try with your new jump rope:

  • Off step
  • Boxer step
  • Side to side
  • Front back
  • Sprints
  • Cross step
  • Plyo cross step
  • Side straddle

Final Thoughts

Nope, picking a jump rope as an adult fitness enthusiast is not as easy as you think. You’ll have to consider your height, skill level, goal, and even the location you’ll train in.

Our top picks for the best jump ropes include products designed for speed, added weight, and simply general fitness that you can consider depending on your exercise objective. They also feature different materials used for both the cable and handles to fit your specific need.

But if you want nothing but the best, we highly recommend betting on Rogue’s SR-1 Rogue Bearing Speed Rope. Speed? Durability? Comfort? This one got it all! As a bonus, it even comes in tons of vibrant colors to match your personality.

Interesting in more rope workout ideas? Check out our Battle Rope review

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