Three Chin Up Products To Boost Your Routine

The traditional chin up is certainly one of the best exercises, no question. However, many athletes also want non-traditional exercises and training routines that adds flare and novelty.  As climbers, crossfitters, playground trainers and the acrobat in all of us, we must think: “hmm, just the chin up bar”? Nope… We want more! So, one of your simplest back exercise equipment investments is now the Climbing power ball, cone, rock ring or power grip!

How can I maximize my body weight training routine?

  1. Stability Training: the equipment moves, so you have to control it. Stability training is key to most athletic endeavors. From your core to your shoulder complex, stability training helps secure muscles and tendons that may not get the workout they need.
  2. Open-Hand Grip Strength: you’ve got to hold on tight! Chin ups require grip strength too, but the ball / cone / rod equipment will demand much more from those fingers.
  3. Multi-Sport Oriented: let’s face it, chin ups are incredible. However, ball / cone / rod training programs help climbers, martial artists and triathletes build more strength.

What training products will improve my body weight routine?

Rogue Pull-Up Globe: Get ready to get rowdy. Put your hands on this 12” (diameter) globe and hold on. The product comes with straps, carabiner and the globe. It is a little more expensive, but cool.

Atomik Scream Cones: Now this is where things get interesting. A cone and a ball? Ice climbers find this seriously works their grip and “slip” strength. In other words, you can’t hang on long to the small end of the cone or can you? The investment is a little easier to manage with the Atomik Cones.

Metolius Portable Power Grips: Wood? Check. Ever trained on wood? Your local climbing gym will have wood features, no doubt. It can work your hold strength. When they get polished from use, get ready to get your desperate on; hard to hold on to those things. This product is a lot more affordable.

So there it is… A few of the brands that might be worth looking into. OK, so what’s interesting about the workout?

How Can You Start Training?

Walker Thompson, one of our site authors, decided to show us a few exercises that you might want to consider adding to your routine. In these three videos, Walker focuses on beginner moves and stability exercises with hanging balls (yes, the worst name ever). For those of you who are climbers, he also comments on how to start building a sport climbing training plan. For a more complete guide on body weight training, check out one of our latest posts too.

Video One: a quick stability exercise

Video Two: more advanced chin up routine

Video Three: climbing-specific training (a simple move)

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