What is a Dip Station?

What is a dip station?

If you have never heard of a dip station, you’re in the right place.

Have you seen them at your local gym or training center?

If not, let us provide you with everything you need to know about dip stations.

A dip station is great if you are looking to improve your exercise regime and general fitness.

Also, if you’re looking for at-home exercise equipment during the pandemic, read on. 

So, what is a dip station?

A dip station is a fixed frame piece that resembles two stable parallel bars. Using the bars as leverage you can perform exercises that require the use of your arms and upper body.

Dip stations are great for upper body workouts that also engage your core. However, with some creativity, a dip station can just about target any part of your body!

What kind of exercises can I do using a dip station? 

Man Doing Dips

It is a known fact that bodyweight workouts are as an essential and effective fitness routine as heavyweights and cardio.

Dip stations provide an opportunity for variety and amazing upper body strength gains. This is generally done by forcing you to use your arms to lift yourself up. Of course, this will engage other parts of your body (think core!).

Although, upper body strength is what a dip station will help you excel in.

By using dip station bars, you can do an inverted row by going underneath the bar and pulling yourself up. This is almost like a reverse push-up (but using a dip bar).

Dip bar dips are the most traditional, common dip station exercise and that’s for a reason: dip bar dips are insanely effective in strengthening your chest, shoulders, and triceps.

This is done simply by putting both of the bars parallel to each other and dipping your body.

This up and down motion is done by using your arms and specifically your tricep muscles.

Another dip station exercise that is effective in building upper body strength is dip bar push-ups. They are exactly what they sound like — push-ups, except utilizing the dip bars to hoist yourself up and down. Dip bar knee raises are also great for developing and strengthening your core muscles. 

Dip bar station bars are an awesome and productive way to utilize your body weight to advance your fitness goals, build muscle, and avoid injuries that can be caused by lifting too much weight. 

How useful are dip stations? 

If you are home-bound, quarantined, or just don’t like the gym…dip stations are a fantastic alternative.

Dip station bars are easily assembled and dissembled and don’t require a lot of storage.

If you have a small living area, have no fear! Dip bars require minimal space for storage, and in general, don’t require a large space for usage. 

Beginner? These bars are great if you are just starting out.

Beginners tend to move straight into heavy lifting when they are just starting out. This can cause serious injuries. Starting out it is important to ensure proper form. Bodyweight workouts are just great for this.

They are also a great way to start and build up body strength before moving on to weight training.

Oh, and did we mention – they are useful in preventing injuries as well!

What kind of dip stations are there? 

There are several kinds of dip stations depending on your body weight, exercise needs, and overall, preferences.

There are short, small ones, closer to the ground.

These you would typically use for push-up-related exercises.

The advantage of using bars such as these is that they withstand an enormous amount of weight, up to 2200 lbs. They are sturdy, durable, and definitely easy to store.

If you are looking for dip station bars that are more versatile and provide a wider variability for exercises – try taller or adjustable dip stations.

Yoleo Adjustable Dip Bar

These are generally adjustable in width and height and will support a great deal of weight. Having height adjustment allows you to try different exercises and challenge yourself with higher levels of difficulty as well. 

Mini wooden dip station bars are also a great option if you are looking to add dip bars into your fitness regimen.

These smaller dip station bars that can be used in two ways:

  1. As pull-up bars if screwed onto the wall
  2. As push-up bars that are put on the floor

Beechwood handles provide a secure grip and distribute weight evenly throughout your exercise to reduce wrist strain. These are great if you are short on space and want to have easy access to fitness equipment. You can just clamp them up to an appropriate space on your wall and there you go! 

There are various types of dip station bars that provide you with everything you are looking for in fitness equipment. Many dip bars are also sweat-absorbing, comfortable for the palms of your hands. If your budget is on the lower side, don’t worry one bit — dip station bars are offered at a variety of prices and I am certain that you will find a pair that fits your needs! 


Whether you are an expert fitness guru, just starting out, or you are wanting to spice up your exercise routine – dip station bars are a great choice.

With the variety of exercises available and the numerous types of dip bars in the market convenient for your needs, getting dip station bars is easy.

With a little creativity and the will to improve your health by means of exercising, everyone can and should use dip station bars! 

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