What Size Compression Shorts Should I Get?

What Size Compression Shorts Should I Get?

Compression shorts provide your muscles with extra support, allows them to recover faster, and increases blood flow which leads to better physical performance. And who wouldn’t love all these benefits by simply putting on a pair of shorts?

But unfortunately, it’s a little more complicated than that. Most people don’t buy the proper-sized gear. Almost everyone I see at the gym that wears compression gear wears it wrong since it’s always baggy and loose. 

If you’re buying loose compression shorts, you could’ve just saved your money and wore regular shorts because you aren’t experiencing any benefits.

So how do you buy the proper-sized compression shorts and experience the unique benefits they have to offer? Well, it can seem tricky since there are endless graphs on the internet telling you what size to wear based on your height and weight, and each graph contradicts the previous one.

But in this post you’ll learn;

  • What size compression shorts you should really buy
  • Which brands make the best compression shorts
  • Why you should consider wearing compression shorts
  • And common questions you’ll have when buying compression shorts.

Let’s dive in!

What Are Compression Shorts?

Compression shorts are shorts that’s woven with a spandex-type fiber and it’s meant to act like a second skin that supports your muscles doing a workout. But it rarely acts that way since most people buy compression shorts that’s too loose and it doesn’t provide any extra support.

Which Size Should I Get?

When shopping for compression shorts, get the tightest possible one that doesn’t affect your breathing, blood circulation, and physical performance. Generally, the tighter the better.

By definition, compression gear is meant to compress your muscles. So at first you’ll feel some discomfort since you aren’t used to clothes acting like a second skin, but you’ll get used to it over time.

When you start researching what size to get, you’ll come across several graphs by several different manufacturers and it may seem like rocket science to figure out your perfect size. But here’s a helpful trick to ensure you get the perfect sized shorts every time.

Instead of reading graphs about your height and weight, just buy shorts in a size that you normally wear. For example, if you normally wear large, buy a large compression shorts. If you wear small, buy a small compression shorts. 

But don’t buy from a physical shop since you’ll just waste your time fitting on compression shorts. Instead, shop online with a site that has a reliable return policy like Amazon. So once you’ve ordered in your usual size and it’s a bit loose, you can just send it back and get a tighter one.

And once you know your exact size of compression shorts, buying other compression gear like compression vests and sleeves become easy.

Now that we know how to buy the perfect sized compression shorts, let’s find out which brands are best since the last thing you want is your shorts tearing while you’re at the bottom of a heavy squat.

Which Brands Make The Best Compression Shorts?

When buying compression shorts or compression gear in general, always opt for the more pricey pieces of clothing since they’re higher quality and you’ll have peace of mind knowing they won’t tear halfway through your workout.

Another big problem to consider when buying compression shorts is that cheap brands lose their tightness quicker than expensive brands. Some might even lose their tightness after a few weeks of daily use. But by far the two best brands of compression clothing are Nike and Under Armour.

What Makes Nike Better Than Most Compression Gear Brands?

Nike Compression Shorts

The biggest benefit that Nike has is that their compression shorts are made from breathable and sweat-wicking fabrics. This cools you down when you’re hot, but also warms you up in cold conditions. 

Also, their sweat wicking fabrics ensure that when you sweat, it doesn’t get trapped under the material. It brings your sweat to the surface of the fabric where it evaporates.

Another pro of Nike compression shorts is that they barely wear out over time. What I mean by wear out is they stay the same tightness for several years before you notice any form of looseness.

Now, let’s talk about Under Armour’s compression shorts.

What Makes Under Armour Better Than Most Compression Gear Brands?

UA Compression Shorts

Under Armour was one of the first brands to make compression gear and they are still the best in the business.

Under Armour’s compression shorts create a tight base for your lower body which is great for when you’re doing squats, deadlifts, or sprints. 

It’s also one of the stretchiest compression brands which make choosing a size easy. Also, if your goal is to lose weight, Under Armour’s compressions shorts are perfect. It won’t feel any looser after a few months since the extra stretch compensates for any weight loss. 

They also have cheaper compression shorts options that are higher quality than most expensive brands. So if you’re on a tight budget, consider buying compression shorts from Under Armour.

What Is The Point Of Wearing Compression Shorts?

Wearing compression shorts during your workout can provide several benefits like;

  • Reduced muscle fatigue
  • Groin support
  • Better muscle oxygenation
  • And increased comfort.

Reduced Muscle Fatigue

If you’ve started training with a new training program, you might want to consider wearing compression shorts since they can reduce muscle fatigue the day after your workout. This allows you to go harder for longer while feeling less sore.

Bonus tip, if you’re planning a heavy leg day, wear compression shorts or better yet, compression leggings and your legs with thank you the next day.

Groin Support

If you play a sport like baseball or football, a groin protector is essential in case something goes wrong. And that’s why most compression shorts come with a cup holder where you can put a groin guard in.

It’s also quite comfortable. After a few minutes you won’t even know it’s there.

Better Muscle Oxygenation

Your muscles need more oxygen while you’re working out and compression shorts help increase the oxygen and nutrients in your muscles. This gives you the extra energy and support to get in a few extra reps and sets.

Increased Comfort

Once you get used to the tightness of compression shorts, it’ll start feeling comfortable, and if you workout without them, it feels weird.

They also apply pressure to your glutes, hamstrings, and quads which can help if you’re struggling with mind-muscle connection.


Trail R

Compression shorts allow you to get more reps in and recover faster from your workouts while feeling more comfortable. But if you’re struggling with finding the correct compression shorts size for you, simply buy shorts in the size you normally wear but buy them from an online store. This way you can just return it if it doesn’t fit and try another size.


How Do I Know If My Compression Shorts Are Too Tight?

Compression shorts are supposed to be tight, hence the term compression. However, it is possible for your compression shorts to be too tight. If it interferes with your breathing or you see discoloration on your skin after you take your shorts off, it’s too tight.

Opt for one size bigger and if you’ve used the technique we spoke about above, this wouldn’t cost you a penny.

Can You Wear Compression Shorts All Day?

Yes, they are safe to wear all day since the fabric is breathable, soft, and it allows sweat to evaporate on the surface of your compression shorts.

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